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Here are 5 Reasons Why
Worthy Face Serum will
Be the Last Face Serum
You'll Ever Buy


Every Day is a Great Skin Day

Raise your hand if you’d like every day to be a great skin day.


We got you.


Worthy Face Serum’s all natural and organic formula helps diminish redness, dark spots, fine lines and discoloration without trying.

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Best Ingredients

We never add water or chemical additives to our products. 


Worthy Face Serum is formulated with cold-pressed and organic oils that help remove excess oil from your skin AND hydrate, nourish and restore at the same time.

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Formulated by Holly Winter Huppert

Holly suffered a chemical burn on her face in 2015 and doctors told her to hide the damage under makeup.


For years Holly covered her skin in heavy makeup that only made her skin worse--while she worked on finding a cure.


After years of research and testing, she found a combination that cured her skin, and it helped others’ skin, too.


Worthy Face Serum was born.

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Not Greasy

WFS is light on the skin, but since it is filled with nutrients that help the skin, it packs a heavy punch as it helps your skin improve.


You might choose not to add a moisturizer, depending on your skin type.

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All Skin Types

One of the problems with buying the right serum is finding one that works with your skin type.


WFS is ideal for all skin types.


Men and women love the way their skin drinks in the nutrition.

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