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Founder Holly Winter Huppert tells her skin story.


From Scars to Smooth


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2 26 17 leather face 2.jpg
After eating a protein bar from the dollar store (Bad skin mistake...) (No, it didn't taste good.), I had an allergic reaction that left my face red and swollen with misshapen scars on both sides of my face. 
Doctors said no amount of medicine could fix it and called it-- permanent damage.

I called it "Leather Face." 
2 26 17 Leather Face.jpg
It looked like I suffered a chemical burn.
I accepted that I would be one of those women who didn't age well.
8 3 17 leather face.JPG
I stopped looking at my face and only took this picture to share with my sister.
This was what I looked like without makeup and without a rosacea flair up.
The dermatologists said I should learn to wear makeup.
I did.
6 22 19 Anne's BDAY (195).JPG
I tried to hide my face in photos. 
(This is was taken at a themed
dinner party.)
After spending thousands of dollars buying every last moisturizer on the market that made my skin break out in hives and turn bright red from rosacea, I began mixing healing ingredients, hoping to formulate my own moisturizer for my angry skin.

One year later I had a recipe that worked. I used it morning and night.
After 1 year, my skin was improved, but the lines in my forehead were still pronounced. 
Next I formulated a skin serum with all natural, organic oils--so I could get as many nutrients onto/into my skin as possible 
Holly Winter Huppert mshollywinter@gmail
After using my Worthy Moisturizer (2 years) and Worthy Face Serum (1 year), my skin was vastly improved.

This photo is me with makeup.
June of 2020.jpg
This is me without makeup, Fall of 2020. The only thing I am wearing is my Worthy Face Serum and my Worthy Moisturizer.
Holly Winter Huppert w o makeup March 20
Here I am in March of 2021 without makeup of any kind. The only thing on my face is my Worthy Face Serum and my Worthy Moisturizer.
What a difference the right product makes.
Some days my skin gets red if I've eaten something that my body didn't like or if I'm nervous or overheated, but most of the time my skin is clear.

And I try out new formulas on my skin weekly; sometimes my skin is unhappy with my experiments. (Worthy BOOST is almost finished: an all natural product that is filled with naturally occurring retinal from oils/butters. I use it at night; my skin loves it. (No, my skin doesn't like Bakuchiol and I refuse to use a chemical retinal--for me it's all-natural or nothing.)  
Check out the Worthy Skin Care Instagram account (Link below) for photos of my happy and unhappy skin.
If Holly's damaged skin can drastically improve from using the best of all ingredients, imagine what Worthy Skin Care products can do for your skin.
Who ever thought that the "Fountain of Youth" for skin care came from the remedies women have used around the world since ancient times: all-natural cold-pressed oils and butters. Our Worthy Skin Care Research Team gives you the perfect combination of ingredients in our products to help nourish, restore and hydrate your skin.
Feel free to join us on this process for healthier skin. Please remember to take your before picture when starting with our products so that one day soon you can share your SKIN STORY.


After you've used Worthy Skin Care products for a while, we'd love to hear your SKIN STORY
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We can't wait to hear your healthier skin stories!

After an allergic reaction ground two large, misshapen scars onto Holly Winter Huppert's face and left her with a mighty case of rosacea, she stopped looking at her face.


That's normal, right?


She worked for a year to formulate a moisturizer that would calm the rosacea and make her skin feel smooth and moisturized. For more of this story, check out her video above.

After using the moisturizer every day for 2 years and the added face serum twice every day for one year, the scars disappeared and her skin was smooth. Imagine the excitement. Scars gone! 

Over the years Holly Winter Huppert shared samples of her formulations with friends who were similarly hooked; they wanted samples and then refills and then faster refills. Due to the constant demand, Worthy Skin Care was born.

We started our company with Worthy Face Serum, a concentrated product with a powerhouse of all natural vitamins and antioxidants to continue our skin's healthy journey.

In the next months we will launch Worthy Moisturizer, Worthy Lip and Worthy Boost. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates.


Isn’t that what we all want, healthier skin?

Read the product descriptions HERE to see the possible benefits of using the Worthy Face Serum.

At Worthy Skin Care we use only fresh, pure, organic and cold-pressed oils that have a long history of providing benefit for the skin. We have worked tirelessly to develop a product that works for all skin types that we love. We think you're going to love it too.