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5 Tips for Keeping Skin Nourished and Hydrated While Traveling

I am posing here after seeing Leonardo da Vinci's famous painting: Lady with Ermine. What a joy to see it in person. Then I posed with this cutout.

Hello Friends and Customers,

Traveling can be tough on your skin. Luckily, I have many tips to keep my skin at its best while on the road.

I recently returned from Krakow, Poland where I spent seven weeks volunteering for Ukrainian refugees who are fleeing war and have been left with nothing.

It was an exhilarating and exhausting summer-- but my skin looks great.

Traveling with Worthy Face Serum made skin care easy: Just two drops of serum to add nutrients to my skin morning and night.

Here are some tips I followed to care for my skin while traveling.

5 Tips for Keeping Skin Nourished and Hydrated While Traveling:

  1. WASH When traveling there isn't a lot of room to carry many different products. I washed my face with water, then scrubbed it with a combination of shea butter and coconut oil. After scrubbing the mixture onto my skin, I wiped off the excess oils. (I melted the butter and oil in a glass jar on the stove, then poured it into a clean and empty glass jar and kept it in the bathroom.) This combination is also amazing for moisturizing the rest of my body.)

  2. EXTRA NOURISH For an extra layer of nourishment, several times a week I applied a honey mask to my face before I showered. I used 100% pure honey and applied it to my face, neck and chest. After a few minutes I rubbed most of the honey off onto paper towels, then showered as usual.

  3. REPAIR: On days when I got too much sun on my face, (Hey, it happens to all of us.) I added a layer of aloe to sooth the skin.

  4. NOURISH Morning and night I warmed two drops of Worthy Face Serum in my hands, then patted the serum onto my face, neck and chest. I used less than 1/3 of this bottle of serum during my seven weeks on the road and was able to gift the rest of the bottle to a friend.

  5. SUN PROTECTION Yes, I used sunscreen on days when I was out in the sun. But I have yet to find one that doesn't make me break out. So, I wore my floppy hat every time I was out in the sun and sunscreen when a hat wasn't enough protection. SHOPPING: When I arrived in Krakow, I found a store that sold good quality shea butter, coconut oil and honey to help keep my skin in great repair.

Fellow travelers saw my Worthy Face Serum in my bathroom and asked where they could get some.

Sorry. We don't ship internationally.

The ONLY place for you to order the serum is through this site:

Aren't you glad you found us? We sure are glad to have you here!

Wishing you continued beautiful skin!


Holly Winter Huppert

Worthy Face Serum is an all-natural organic serum designed by nature to improve the skin health of all people with all skin types.

Thanks for supporting this woman-owned small business.

Learn more about Worthy Face Serum and Order by clicking HERE.


Your picture with the Renaissance lady is awesome and your story of assistance in Poland is wonderful. Congratulations on a safe journey there and back, for you and your skin. ✈️😘

Replying to

Thanks for your kind words! It is good to be home... but I already miss the excitement of living on the road. Oh, there's always next year!

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