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My Coworker Asked if I'm Walking Around with a Photo Filter Turned On: That's How Good My Skin Looks

Karla writes: "My skin has never been better than it is right now. I've stopped wearing makeup during the day, which is completely unexpected.

Rosacea? GONE.

Acne? GONE.

I look like a better version of my self. My coworker asked me if I'm walking around with a photo-filter turned on.

That's how great my skin looks. I'm ME for the first time in many years.

Please keep restocking. I can't do without your Worthy Face Serum."

Thanks, Karla. We're your biggest fans. Be you!

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Thank you to Karla for sending us this Skin Story. We liked it so much we had to create a video with that phrase--Be You.

♥ Holly

Holly Winter Huppert

Formulator: Founder

Worthy Skin Care

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