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Why is Worthy Skin Care Closed for the Summer?

Worthy Skin Care will close for the summer so Holly Winter Huppert can go to Poland and support Ukranian refugees.

Customers wishing to buy Worthy Face Serum must complete their order on or before next Sunday: June 26th, or wait to order in August.

We here at Worthy Skin Care considered hiring someone to ship our Worthy Face Serum, but we know that a 3rd party shipper will not be able to answer questions or ship with the love and quality you're used to.

So we've decided to close.

Click HERE to buy now.

Follow Holly's Journey: Holly will write daily updates. To find them go to her INSTAGRAM page and follow the link in bio.

She plans on writing and publishing on LinkedIn. Connect with here there.

Thanks for supporting our small business. We appreciate you!


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