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Puzzles for Small Hands--
Baby Animals Puzzle
Butterfly Puzzle
Hello Robot Puzzle 

Tractor Love Puzzle

Designed by an Early Childhood Educator

Here is some puzzle information on how to use our

Puzzles for Small Hands Collection

with young learners.

Using the
Puzzles for Small Hands Collection
with Young Learners


Holly Winter Huppert is an early childhood educator in her 33rd year of teaching. 


She designed Puzzles for Small Hands for younger children because she couldn’t find puzzles like these at an affordable price. These puzzles are suitable for children aged 3 (with help) to 9 -- or older.

This description matches the Baby Animal Puzzle and can be used to understand all of the puzzles. (Just the colors are different.)

This is a level 1 puzzle (Easier) for children who already understand the concept of fitting pieces together.

How are the 30-Piece Puzzles
Puzzles for Small Hands 
Different than 

Ordinary Puzzles?

  1. The edge of each side of the puzzle has a strip of color for easy matching. Holly calls the strip along the edge of the puzzle the 'road.'  (Green, blue, pink and light purple.)

  2. Within the puzzle are 3 bands of colors, for easier placement. (Light blue, orange, yellow)

  3. The pieces are large and colorful – perfect for smaller hands.

How to use this 30-Piece

Puzzles for Small Hands

Puzzle with a young child:

  1. Point out the light green strip at the top of the puzzle as pictured on the box.

  2. Ask your child to collect all of the puzzle pieces with that green strip--or road and line them up. (Don’t search for matches, yet.)

  3. Start with the left corner piece that is purple and green. Tell your child that the next piece to fit the puzzle will be one of the “green” pieces.

  4. Go from left to right and find the next puzzle piece, one at a time. (We always want to mimic the left to right progression to help eyes learn to scan and this will help make learning to read easier, later.)

  5. Continue finding the next puzzle pieces.

  6. Ask your child if he/she/they would like to do the light purpleor the blue side next. Purple? Great! Collect the puzzle pieces with the purple color strip. You touch the corner piece. Ask your child what piece goes next. It is okay if your child tries every piece. You can help wiggle the puzzle piece into place in the beginning.

  7. Continue putting the edges together.

  8. Most children can fill in the center by looking at the pictures.

  9.  It’s okay for you to help your child the first few times he/she/they does this puzzle. 

Wait: What do these
Puzzles for Small Hands
Puzzles Teach Young Learners?

Puzzles teach many things:



Visual memory skills

Memory skills



Gross motor skills

Fine motor skills

Shape recognition

and more.

Huppert has noticed that some children put puzzles together from the top down and other children put them together from one corner and work their way out.

Her lessons are always about putting the edges together, first, but if a child is matching pieces together, she backs away until he/she/they need help.

She says it can be diffict to watch a child do a puzzle in the beginning. Remember: If the child is connecting pieces, back away until help is needed.

If the child has built the puzzle in several different sections, he/she/they may need help fitting it together.

Puzzles are easier to work on if they are built on a table or another smooth, hard surface. 

What Ages are the
Puzzles for Small Hands

Puzzles Good For?


Huppert uses this puzzle with her pre-k 3, pre-k 4 and kindergarten students.


Some children need more help in the beginning. All of her students are able to put this puzzle together independently after working with an adult a few times.

The puzzle comes in a box with the printed photo, to help identify color zones.


The puzzle pieces are thick with rounded edges--perfect for younger children. 

Whether this puzzle is put together with the help of an adult or solo, it is sure to bring hours of entertainment to your child.

Puzzles for Small Hands: Baby Animals may take up to two weeks to arrive. Order early.

Free shipping.

.: Material: laminated chipboard with sturdy pieces
.: One size: 30-piece puzzle - 14" x 11" (35.6 x 28cm)

.: Rounded corners
.: Comes in a box with a reference photo

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