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Wild Yam Oil
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Thanks for your interest in Wild Yam Oil with Chasteberry:









Hello. I am Holly, the formulator for Worthy Skin Care. I formulated this Wild Yam Oil for myself and love the way it is helping my body. Please read through all of the directions before trying this product.


Thanks for being here,




Love Holly 

Holly Winter Huppert

Founder Worthy Skin Care LLC


Why Did I Formulate Wild Yam Oil with Chasteberry?


For myself.


All products on this website were formulated to meet my needs. I suffered from estrogen dominance most of my life and wanted to see if I could find a way to balance my hormones, naturally.


Most of the wild yam creams out there are made in countries where I do not trust the label. (I almost bought from one company but decided to do some research first. After hours of digging into a company that claimed their product was organic, their ingredients fresh and that they formulated and filled the bottles in the USA, I figured out that company was a clothing brand from China. Yeah. Liars!)

So, I got to work. I sourced the ingredients and spent a year learning how to formulate them.


Clinical Studies:  Most clinical studies found zero or little support that these ingredients help with symptoms of premenstrual, menstrual cycles or menopause.


Anecdotal Reports: When you research the anecdotal evidence, there are records from hundreds of years with people who swear by this combination of ingredients to help relieve hot flashes, night sweats and other symptoms of hormonal imbalance.


Some say that by using this combination of ingredients, it activates the progesterone in the body. If you are a woman, this balances (more or less) your estrogen. If you are a man, this balances (more or less) your testosterone. 


I decided to make my own Wild Yam product and try it.


Why Oil?


Most companies sell this combination of ingredients in a cream. Rather than take this oil and combine it with non-active ingredients to make a cream, I decided to keep it in oil form and use a (Lead free--not all glass is lead free.) 10 ml (small) glass roller jar with a stainless-steel ball.



Organic apricot oil, organic jojoba oil, organic wild yam root, organic chasteberries and all-natural vitamin E oil--from soy.


My Reaction:


My body is… unusual when it comes to reacting to ingredients.




I eat a whole food-based diet where I limit sugar, drink zero alcohol, eat lean protein and eat a lot of veggies every day. Basically, I loosely follow the Wahl protocol for health. (Three plates of veggies a day, to start.)


Since my body is "clean" I tend to feel side effects of ingredients--faster.


On the first dose, I felt a sense of calm ten minutes later.


Each time I used the oil the first week, I had the same experience.


During the second week when I was dosing morning and night, I was in a terrible mood one night. I tried to figure out why. What? Nothing came to mind. I dosed with my Wild Yam Root oil with Chasteberry before bed, and the mood dissipated.




I may have suffered from an imbalance of excess estrogen—called estrogen dominance-- my whole life. (heavy periods, fibroids, breast tenderness, heart palpitations and more)


For me the toughest part of using this oil is remembering to STOP taking it for a week at the end of the month, and then start taking it again.


Will I Continue Taking Wild Yam Oil with Chasteberry:


Yes. I’m hooked.




Follow these directions carefully:


👉 Directions: Keep this in a cool/dark place.


👉 Start with one dose a day for the first week. Then can use twice a day starting the second week.


👉 For one dose, apply oil to one part of body. Rotate which part of the body you use for each application: inner arm, inner leg, stomach or chest.


👉 For one dose, roll ball up and down in a 4-inch strip.


👉 Men can use it every day.


👉 Women who have a menstrual cycle: STOP during the week you are bleeding, then resume twice a day.


👉 Women who are in menopause: Use it three weeks out of the month. STOP for one week. (I use mine the first 21 days of the month, then STOP for the last week.)


👉 Some people see results in the first day, others don’t see results for months.


👉 I have read about women who suffer panic/anxiety attacks when using this – which they also get during their cycle. If you don’t feel good while taking this, stop.


👉 If you don’t see changes, you must determine for yourself if you want to go longer. (According to the nutritionist Barbara O’neill, changes in the body start right away BUT it takes up to 8 months of using Wild Yam products until most people experience changes.)



This Web site — Worthy Skin Care LLC — is for general information only. 


This Web site is not to be used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any health condition or problem. Users of this Web site should not rely on information provided on this Worthy Skin Care LLC site for their own health issues. Any questions regarding your own health should be addressed to your own physician or other healthcare provider.


We cannot answer your health questions, but we will sympathize with you. We are not doctors, estheticians or pharmacists.


Warnings: Keep out of reach of children. Keep out of eyes. For external use only. If pregnant, consult your doctor. If on any meds, consult your doctor—reactions can occur.


Please do your research and talk to your doctor to ensure that Wild Yam Oil with Chasteberry is right for you.

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