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15 Second Video: A Summer of Great Skin

Last summer was a summer of travel. We all know how difficult the trials of traveling can be for our skin.

My skin looked remarkably good. After years of having troubled skin, it's such a gift to watch as my skin gets younger looking as I age.

Next week I will publish a blog that documents the history of my skin damage and repair with photos.

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It's astounding to see how my skin continues to improve over the years.

Skin health isn't a sprint: it's a marathon.

I feed my skin; It shows.

Worthy Face Serum truly is the Skin Fixer.

For now, check out this 15 second video from my summer of travel. My skin may not be perfect, but I am grateful for its ongoing improvements that are fueled by nature.

Do you have a Skin Story for our Worthy Face Serum PROOF series? Email your photos to: worthyskincarenow @ gmail . com (remove the spaces when you send the email.)

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