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Photo Proof: My Skin Gets Younger Every Year

In 2014 I had an allergic reaction that left my skin with what dermatologists said would be permanent scars, rosacea, swelling and "leathery" skin.

I looked thirty-years older; it was as if I tried one of those filters that will show what you'll look like years from now.

It was awful.

For more information about that time in my life, click HERE and scroll down.

After years of suffering, I formulated a winning face serum that fixed my skin.

Scroll down to see my skin's aging process reversed.

I was 49 years old here with pretty normal skin. I was wearing light makeup, as I did most days.

The reaction happened later in 2014 after eating a protein bar I bought at the dollar store.

I know. I know. Why? Why would I eat that?

I stopped taking photos of my old, old face.

52 Years Old

Three years after the allergic reaction, my skin remained dry and leathery, and I suffered bouts of rosacea. You can see one of the scars on my upper right cheek. I am wearing makeup here. I believed at the time that it hid my skin's imperfections.

After trying every moisturizer on the market--some made my skin worse, not one helped my skin in any way, I gave up and accepted that I would suffer with skin issues for the rest of my life.

I was so wrong.

54 Years Old I started formulating in 2018 and one year later I showed off my skin to everyone.

I was still "puffy", but my skin was able to hold moisture. The leathery skin was mostly gone, and its elasticity was improving.

My constant skin pain was gone. I didn't even know that was a possibility, to get past that awful pain.

Yes, I was wearing makeup.

Yes, I believed this was the most my skin would improve, and I was delighted to have skin that no longer hurt.

I named the face serum Worthy Face Serum, because it was worth the money I spent for the best ingredients I could find.

I kept experimenting with products. Some made my skin worse again, but the face serum brought it back to balance.

This first step in my skins' improvement was such a major win for me.

54 Years old: I stopped wearing makeup during the pandemic because I was mostly locked-in at home.

I added extra Worthy Face Serum to my face midday.

The redness in my skin was greatly reduced.

55 Years Old

I was so excited to find that my skin continued to improve.

My scars were gone. Completely erased. The rosacea was gone, too.

Friends asked for bottles. I shared my formulation with anyone who needed it.

Through word of mouth, the news spread.

I spent many hours sourcing, formulating, hand-coloring labels, bottling and giving away Worthy Face Serum to anyone who needed skin help.

56-years old

In early 2021, I started the company, Worthy Face Serum.

I couldn't keep up with the demand, so I hired a distributer in New Jersey to print, label, fill, close and seal the bottles.

People from around the country bought the serum from the website: I shipped country wide.

Yes, my skin continued to improve, but it was still far from perfect.

No, I did not wear any makeup.

One man (that I didn't know well) insisted that I had to have had plastic surgery, there was nothing on Earth that could have improved my skin this much.


Nature is amazing, isn't she?

Oh, the joy of knowing that I figured out how nature could fix my skin without cutting, medications, chemicals, parabens or anything toxic.

I am so grateful to have learned how to heal my skin woes.

57-Years old

A woman sitting next to me on an airplane last summer asked me how old I was.

I told her.

She asked me why my skin looked so good for my age.

No, I didn't tell her the whole story: I smiled and handed her a card.

Major investors have approached me, wanting to buy Worthy Skin Care or partner with me.

I listened as one famous/known entrepreneur told me his plans:

A distributer in Korea would fill fancier bottles with cheaper ingredients and ship them here. They would sell for at least triple the price.

Wait. Seriously?

This takes away everything I believe in.

  • Fair Trade ingredients sourced from wherever in the world they have the finest quality.

  • Mixed and bottled in the USA.

  • A serum that I am willing to use.

  • A serum that fixes skin issues.

  • The best serum money can buy

  • A serum that costs an affordable price

The entrepreneur promised that we would both get rich, fast.

I turned him down with a wave of my hand.

No thanks. No way.

The formula I sell to you is the very same formula I use on my skin twice a day.

That's not going to change.

In the next few months I will be formulating a Worthy Moisturizer and a Worthy Night Repair for a complete triad of products.

(I ordered the jars, and someone swiped them from my front doorstep after they were delivered. I have to reorder them. Sigh.)

My skin may not be perfect, but it's improving every year as I reverse my aging process.

Join me as I continue to use Worthy Skin Care's all natural and organic products to reverse my aging skin.


Do you have a Worthy Skin Story for our Worthy Face Serum PROOF series? Email your photos to:


Thanks for reading.

It's more fun with you here.

Thanks for being here.


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Oct 30, 2022

This is the best example of reverse aging I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing your story.

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