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Don’t Try These Skin Care Trends

 Are you dying to try skin care trends? Or… can you spot empty promises when you see them?

Every few months I dig into the scientific research studies on skin to learn the truth about trends and see if there is any new information.

Are there skin fads that work?

What helps skin improve?

Read to find out.



I clicked on an article about women who go to special spas to have bird feces wiped on their faces. They believe it makes their skin look younger.



I wonder about the guy who thought up this fix. He was probably searching for something he could source for free. Something that nobody ever thought of. Something that he could sell to people who were willing to try almost anything.


Don’t you wonder how they collect it? Do they store the sh** in the refrigerator next to the butter?

During the treatment do they plug your nose to mask the smell?

And. Come on… what’s the expiration date on a jar of bird poop?

One final word for you about this kind of skin care treatment:



Dust? Collagen?

Don’t pat gold leaf, diamond dust or even collagen onto your body. None of these can absorb into your skin.

Companies that charge up to $1,000 a jar insist that these treatments are the best way to get antioxidants onto your skin.

Um. No.



It amazes me how many products list water as the first ingredient.

If water were hydrating, showers would moisturize our skin.

Dream on.

And… when they add water to skincare products, they have to add preservatives to keep the water from going rancid. Sure, there are healthy ways to keep water from turning your product into flesh-eating goop, but most companies use good-old chemicals.

No, sorry. Refrain from buying water in your skin care products. You need more nutrients on your skin. Skip the chemicals.


Vitamin C Serums

And don’t let anyone talk you into buying expensive vitamin C serums. Sure, vitamin C is one of the things that actually helps your skin.


Vitamin C has to be mixed with water. Yeah, water. So even though they add chemicals to keep the water from turning, that’s not enough.

Get this: water makes vitamin C unstable, so it looses its umph.

Nope: don’t go there.

There are ways to make a vitamin C serum at home if you follow exacting rules. (More on that another day.)


Oxygen Facials

I also read about oxygen facials. The thought of this makes me laugh. I’m not sure how they use it. Unless you live on an airplane, you would have little use for adding extra oxygen to your skin care routine.

Maybe I could stand in front of you with a fan and wave air (oxygen) towards your face.

Just wondering how much you’d be willing to pay for this service.

Just say no to expensive air blown at you.


Does Nothing Work? Nothing?

I am not an esthetician or a pharmacist. I’m a woman who had a chemical burn/allergy that left me with terrible, horrible skin that made me look older.


I don’t mind looking my age; I’d rather not look older.

After suffering through a series of skincare brands that damaged my already fragile skin, and gave me rosacea and a bad attitude, I finally accepted that I was on my own.

I wanted to buy a skincare product that worked; I didn’t want to invent my own.

Too bad.

I read every research paper, book and article from the past seven years. I made lists of things that work for the skin, and noted the things that don’t work.

My goal?

Add many vitamins and nutrients to my skin every day from both the inside and topically.


What Works?

After subjecting my poor skin to every imaginable skin-aid listed in research papers and articles, I found a combination of ingredients that cured my rosacea and used these ingredients every day.

Bye rosacea. Big win there. I formulated the ingredients into a face serum.

And then my leathery skin repaired itself.


Thanks again, face serum.

And after a while the swelling and deepest wrinkles repaired, too.

I am still amazed that my damaged skin improved.

Friends wanted some. Their friends wanted it, too. My 84-year-old mother started using it.

Worthy Face Serum* was born.

Men and women around the country ordered it online and thanked me for making this available with the best possible ingredients.

I still use my Face Serum twice a day and then add my Worthy Moisturizer when I need an extra boost of vitamins.

After all of this moisture and repair, my skin isn’t perfect.

I know. You didn’t expect me to say that.

My skin isn’t perfect, but at 58-years-old, my skin continues to improve every year.

That’s more than I ever hoped for.

I love watching my skin improve year after year.


Your Skin Care Tips:

Skin fads don’t improve your skin, but don’t worry; there are many proven strategies that do improve your skin.

Are you ready to improve your skin?

Here are the skin care tips I follow most days.

👉 I eat lots of orange foods (carrots, squash, papaya) for my dose of natural vitamin A—which is a natural retinal.

👉 I add powdered collagen to my daily protein drink.

👉 I eat a minimum of 50 grams of protein a day.

👉 I eat foods with collagen. (chicken with skin, salmon with skin, hard boiled eggs)

👉 I eat foods with vitamin C. (fruits and veggies)

👉 I eat as many raw foods as I can. (hello salads)

👉 I walk at least one mile a day and do weight-bearing exercise several times a week.

👉 I exfoliate several times a week. (honey is my favorite)

👉 I sleep 7 or more hours a night.

👉 I use my face serum that includes naturally occurring Vitamins A, C, D, E, F and K, has antioxidants -- including flavonoids and phenolic procyanidins and includes oleic, palmitic linoleic, gamma linolenic, ellagic and steric polyunsaturated fatty acids. All oils are cold-pressed and fair-trade sourced from around the world. To finish, there is added Vitamin E from mixed tocopherols.

👉 And then when I have free time, I read about crazy skincare fads from around the world or find other ways to laugh and destress. My laughter reduces stress which also keeps me looking my best.

So, no. In short, fads don’t improve your skin.

But a solid skin care routine following the above tips will boost your skin’s health.

Sending you big blessing for amazing skin health.

Thanks for reading.





To learn more about Worthy Face Serum, click the photo below.


I am currently making my own vitamin C serum at home. I almost have the dosage right. If I use too much, I break out. If I get it just right, my skin smiles.

Let me know if you’d like me to write about homemade vitamin C serum, next.



I have finally figured out my protein powder game. Let me know if you’d like me to write about that.



These are my words. I didn’t use AI to write this blog.

Does that make me a dinosaur?

I can’t stand the empty, soulless AI tips that are all over the internet.

So I will continue to write my way.

For you. 



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