How to Repair Dry Skin

A photograph of white ground that is so dry, it has cracked into small pieces. Huppert likens this to our skin that remains dry without the proper nutrients.
How to Repair Dry Skin by Holly Winter Huppert, the Founder of Worthy Skin Care and Worthy Face Serum, which is known as the Skin Fixer.

Many people have problems with dry skin all year long.

Let's look at nature for some lessons in hydration. Ready?

I took this photo of the ground during a hike yesterday.

I know what you're thinking: how could the ground be so dry when we've had rain the past 16 out of 17 days here in upstate, New York? How could the ground be so dry that it's literally cracked open?

This ground is just like your skin. If there are nutrients missing, then the ground -- or your skin -- will be dry, no matter how many layers of moisture you add.

Think about the sand at the beach. Even after soaking in water day after day, it's still sand.

Research shows that there are two essential fatty acids that we must get from outside sources. If we don't get these acids in our diet, our skin my remain dry no matter what we put on it.

But don't worry. We got you.

Worthy Face Serum--The Skin Fixer--naturally includes both of these essential fatty acids.

Worthy Face Serum--The Skin Fixer-- is organic, concentrated and powerful.

Customers report more hydrated skin in two weeks after starting our Worthy Face Serum.

That's the skin fixer we all love.

So to repair your dry skin, add a layer of Worthy Face Serum -- the Skin Fixer-- under your moisturizer. Just two drops morning and night. Such an easy fix!

And remember to drink your water, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and get your sleep. All of these things help keep your skin in top form.

Here's to better skin for all of us.