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My Summer Travel Plans: Ukraine

The author and formulator Holly Winter Huppert will travel to Ukraine this summer.

Worthy Skin Care will be closed from June 20 - August 10th. We will send out an alert when we reopen.

Be sure to stock up on serum to get you through the summer.

We will accept new orders through June 20.

Here I come, Ukraine.

I am ready to travel. Well, almost. Just under two weeks till I fly.

This summer?


Two days after school lets out, I will return to Krakow, Poland to join a guide who brings supplies into Ukraine. We will deliver aide to people who need it most.


It's the only trip I want to take that summer. Well, that and a week in France (Stay tuned, France) and maybe even a week in Denver. (Stay tuned Denver.)

Want to follow along my trip to Ukraine?

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Not sure if I can post daily while I am inside Ukraine but will take great notes and make up when I return.

Thanks for following my journeys.

💚💚XXOO, Love Holly 🙋‍♀️

PS: Once again, I am closing most of my businesses this summer.

Winuply Press: Filling book orders through June 20th. My books can be ordered from any bookstore near you. (More info soon on my latest book: Unimaginable: Volunteering for Ukrainian Refugees.) Click HERE.

Skincare orders: Order by June 20 to get your Worthy Face Serum before I leave. Orders will reopen when I return the middle of August. Click HERE.

But... puzzles and journals and my printed materials will be available while I am gone-- Click HERE.

And I will host meetings for my W-ED consulting company from Krakow. Most of the dates are filled: I love consulting with schools and institutions that want to make positive changes.

I love following my many interests as I run three small businesses, but I also love turning them off for a few months a year.

Thanks for following along as I fuel my passions with travel, writing, formulating and adventuring.

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