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Note One: Skin Care Notes from Worthy Skin Care: 1 Tip, 1 Reminder, 1 Suggestion

Here is NOTE ONE to my new series:

1 Tip: Something skin related.

1 Reminder: Something about Worthy Skin Care

1 Suggestion: An educational skin care piece

(and a bonus... like today.)

Thanks for checking out the new series. If you have any advice, ideas or suggestions please let me know.

Some suggestions I have received already:

  1. More videos of me teaching.

  2. More stories about the way I improved my skin.

  3. More input about how I continue to UP my skin care game.

  4. The future of Worthy Skin Care

If you have a suggestion that is a good fit, I will add it to this list. Email me at worthyskincarenow @ (Take out the spaces when emailing.)

1 Tip:

When it comes to applying your face serum, you have choices.

You can add two drops to your clean hands, and then rub them together to warm the serum.

Then pat onto your skin. Wait two minutes for it to absorb before you add another layer.

This is an easy way to apply your serum.

But you have choices:

If you're low on time, you can add your serum to your moisturizer/face cream. Rub them together in your clean hands, then massage onto your face.

This works especially well if you are not applying makeup as it takes a little longer for the combination together to absorb.

This is your chance to give your face a massage first thing in the morning. It feels good AND helps take away the early-morning-puffiness. (Drinking a few glasses of water helps take away the puffiness, too.)

So, you have two choices:

  1. Apply serum alone. Wait two minutes for it to dry.

  2. Apply serum and moisturizer at the same time.

And then, if you're in the mood, add your makeup. Or you might have stopped wearing makeup, except on special occasions like me -- the founder-- and many customers.

What a great day it is when you don't have to hide your skin.

AND: while we're talking about fast ways to apply your products, let's talk about fast shipping.

Really. Shipping matters, too.

1 Reminder

Did you know that I ship products 6 days a week? AND I pay the difference in your shipping costs so that your products can be sent faster with priority mail.

Yes: I have returned from my travels. I shipped your products out on January 3rd and will continue shipping six days a week.

Well, that's until the travel bug hits me again. (Oh, Spring Break... I'm talking to YOU.)

1 Suggestion:

I have set the intention to post one helpful skin tip/idea on Instagram every-single-day. (Six educational topics a week, then 1 day is for reminding people that I sell face serum--two more products to come soon.)

I know. That's a lot of information--6 posts a week.

It's taken me WEEKS to figure out the best way to post, find a program to send out the posts and then more time to create the posts. It's a lot of work, but I wanted to up the educational piece of Worthy Skin Care, and that was the best way to do it.

I hope you'll follow Worthy Skin Care on Instagram. Come on... don't you wonder what I'll come up with day after day after... day?

(I wonder...)

(Just kidding.)

(Sort of...)

Follow Worthy Skin Care on Instagram to learn more ways to care for your skin.

I would love to see you there!

Bonus: The latest from the 'gram:

Click the photo to see the post.

Thanks for being here. It's more fun with you here. I like hanging out with cool people -- like you.

Happy New Year my friends. I am grateful to share my skin fixes with you all.

xxoo, Love Holly

PS: Not sure how often these notes will publish. It depends on my schedule. So, sign up for emails so you don't miss one.

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