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Why is Does my Skin Look Better After 7 Weeks on the Road?

A woman with a blue shirt stares into the camera. There are people sitting behind her. She is on a tram.
The author on a tram in Krakow, Poland. No filters.

How could I care for my skin on the road when I had limited space to bring products in my carry-on suitcase?


During the summer of 2022, I spent seven weeks traveling through Poland where I volunteered for Ukrainian refugees that fled the war in their homeland.


I brought only one suitcase with me. After packing my shampoo, conditioner and other toiletries, I had room for only one more item.

My puppy guarding my suitcase the night before I left for Poland.

I chose my Worthy Face Serum.

At home I also use my face serum, but some nights I am too tired to wash my face and apply the serum. Most mornings I apply the serum at home, but sometimes I am rushing out the door and skip it, figuring I'll be sure to use it later.

That's never a good way to start my day.

Do you run out of time morning and night, or have you already made your skin care a priority?

While traveling, I didn't have the buffer of extra products to help me if I were to have an allergic reaction, as I've had before. I didn't have room to carry extra hydration -- which I would need if I forgot my serum. I didn't want my rosacea to come back.

My serum was the only product I had with me: my only line of defense for my skin.

My one and only.

So, self-care on the road was easy, but intense.

My "YOU MUST" list included applying two drops of my Worthy Face Serum twice a day, no matter what.

I got Covid on the road and was very sick. Yes, I applied my Worthy Face Serum.

I woke late: the serum went on.

After about five weeks, I noticed how great my skin looked.

You'd think I already knew this: but making my Worthy Face Serum a "YOU MUST" part of my morning and night elevated my skin health.

I'm home now. It's late at night. I'm tired, but before I go to sleep, I will apply my serum.

That's a given.

My skin looks even better after 7 weeks on the road because I added the nutrients my skin needed every day and every night.

As a fan of skin-improvement, I've learned my lesson: Worthy Face Serum twice a day -- no matter what.


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