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Formulator Teaches
Skin to Behave.

After an allergic reaction left formulator Holly Winter Huppert with a chemical burn on her face and permanent scarring, she turned to her knowledge of organic oils to repair her skin

After years of formulating, Huppert created products that moisturized her damaged skin, AND erased the scarring. Worthy Skin Care is a woman-owned company. 
All products are  
made in the USA --upstate, New York, with cold-pressed oils that are sourced--fair trade--from around the world, with no added junk.

Now you can use Huppert's Worthy Face Serum at home.

Customers report positive skin changes such as a reduction in fine lines, acne and dry patches in the first 2 weeks..

Imagine your relief....

in finally finding something that improves your skin.

Worthy Face Serum is a concentrated face serum that is made in the USA.

Worthy Face Serum:
The Skin Fixer

We ship FAST!

"Worthy Face Serum erased so many wrinkles that even good friends thought I got a face lift" ---N. S. Florida

"My doctor can't believe my rosacea disappeared, without meds. Now she uses Worthy Face Serum, too."  --T. E. California


Worthy Face Serum is made from organic cold-pressed 
argan oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, rosehip seed oil, pomegranate seed oil and natural vitamin E oil

Benefits may include Improved:

skin tone and tightness 
skin repair
skin softening
detoxification of the skin
collagen production
oil balance


May also Reduce:

premature aging


fine lines
wrinkle size
sun damage
dry skin
age spots
oxidative stress
environmental damage to skin

free radicals


Worthy Face Serum is: paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, phthalate-free, preservative-free, synthetic fragrance-free, mineral oil-free, formaldehyde-free, sodium lauryl sulfate-free, propylene glycal-free, DEA-free, petroleum-free, paraffin-free, polyethylene beads-free and contains no animal ingredients. Worthy Face Serum is vegan, vegetarian and cruelty free.

Meet Holly Winter Huppert, Founder/CEO

Worthy Skin Care

Before our founder formulated our Worthy Face Serum, she had a chemical burn to her entire face. Her Worthy Face Serum -- the Skin Fixer -- erased her scars and hydrated her skin. She went from having Leathery skin to having her old skin back. See her after photo below at

Holly Winter Huppert before she formulated Worthy Skin Care products. 


After an allergic reaction scarred my face and made my skin suddenly highly reactive, I spent thousands of dollars searching for something -- anything that could help my damaged skin.


Dermatologists told me to learn to wear make up. There was nothing on the market that could help. 

I know what it's like to buy everything on the market hoping something would help. Nothing helped, in fact my skin became worse from trying so many different products.

So I researched and found that there are 2 fatty acids that our bodies can't make. If these acids aren't in our skin care products, our skin could remain dry no matter what we put on it.

So interesting.

I researched and found the nutrients that are clinically proven to help skin.

After a year I formulated a combination of  all-natural and organic products that moisturized my skin. I then formulated a face serum--the best money could buy--to continue adding nutrition to my "leather" face.

Following the research, my face serum included vitamins A, C, D, E, F and K. It has antioxidants -- including flavonoids and phenolic procyanidins.


I filled it with as many polyunsaturated fatty acids as I could: oleic, palmitic linoleic, gamma linolenic, ellagic and steric--all from organic, cold-pressed oils that I source from all over the world. And then as an added benefit, I added natural itamin E from mixed Tocopherols.


One year later my scars were gone. ERASED. This was more than I had hoped for. 

My skin improves more, more, more--every single month.

I gifted the serum to friends and they wanted more, more, more. After much prodding, I started this skincare company: Worthy Skin Care. 


This is my 4th time restocking the Worthy Face Serum: I couldn't keep up with the demand so after researching contract manufacturers that could fill the bottles for me, I chose one in New Jersey because I could drive there and tour the facility and ask ten zillion questions. 

Now rather than spending my time mixing and filling and sealing and labeling, I can ship. I love shipping serum to people around the country.

The serum continues to sell fast as new customers want refills, too. Good thing I love to ship so much, amiright?


Our founder, Holly Winter Huppert after she formulated Worthy Face Serum.

"If this Worthy Face Serum could erase my scars and repair my damaged skin, imagine what this powerful, concentrated face serum could do for your skin."

-- Holly Winter Huppert
Worthy Skin Care


A woman wrote a review about how much she loves her Worthy Face Serum. She said that she searched for something that didn't contain water or chemicals and found Worthy Face Serum which is also dubbed "The Skin Fixer" by customers. Eliza bought 3 bottles of Worthy Face Serum when she heard that the price was about to go up. She'd rather pay the sale price for her Worthy Face Serum, but wouldn't we all like to pay less?
A woman named Beth gave Worthy Face Serum 5 stars, then wondered if it would truly last 3 months. She wanted the Worthy Face Serum, which is known as the Skin Fixer to undo the damage the sun has done to her skin. Already she is noticing fast differences in using her Worthy Face Serum.
The founder of Worthy Face Serum, Holly Winter Huppert, writes back to Beth, a customer, and assures her that her one ounce bottle of Worthy Face Serum will last three months. In face she tells Beth that the Worthy Face Serum will last closer to 4 months if it is used as directed. Holly Winter Huppert also asked Beth to submit her before and after photos from the time she bought the Worthy Face Serum -- The Skin Fixer -- to now. At Worthy Skincare, we love to see customer's before and after photos.
Mia, a customer at Worthy Skin Care, wrote in that she loves the Worthy Face Serum -- The Skin Fixer. Mia says that she is buying two bottles this time and one of those bottles will go to her sister. Thanks, Mia, for sharing the love of Worthy Face Serum with your sister. Keep in mind that our Welcome sale will end on August 14, 2021 and the price of our Worthy Face Serum will change. Hurry and get one more bottle before the sale ends.
A man named Dan bought more Worthy Face Serum for himself and found that his teenage daughter and wife kept stealing his supply. So when Worthy Face Serum restocked, he bought three bottles of Worthy Face Serum so they could all have their own bottles. We love that Dan's skin has improved so much that he wanted to buy more Worthy Face Serum for his wife and daughter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we get asked here at Worthy Skin Care. Do you have a question that didn't make this list? Kindly ask it in the form below. Who knows... your question could make this list better. 

Q: How do you ship? What are the shipping costs?

We ship every day, sometimes twice a day and use Priority Mail from the US Post office for a flat fee of only $6. Yes, this comes with a tracking number that we will email to you. 

Repeat: There is NO CHARGE for handling.


Most people receive their serum in 3-- 5 business days  after ordering, depending on the location and the speed of the post office.

Q: I break out from many skin care products. Will this make me break out?

Me too. So many things make my skin break out. This has been specially formulated so it doesn't cause me to break out.


(I tested every oil on the market on my face for two whole weeks to be sure I didn't have a reaction. Any oil that I had any reaction to was left out of the serum.)


Worthy Face Serum has a low (0 - 1) cosmogenic level--which in cosmetic industry speak means that it does not clog pores and is not likely to make anyone break out.  (I'm still celebrating this win.)

Q: Will I have an allergic reaction to this? 

If you are concerned about having a reaction, talk to your doctor before you use this pure, natural product. 

Q: Is this good for dry skin? 

YES. Worthy Face Serum is good for dry skin and oily skin and sensitive skin and regular skin and even mature skin -- like mine. This is formulated to help your face regulate its oil production so even people with oily skin love it.

Q: Is this good for men, too?

Yes. It's good for all people.

Q: Why isn't this scented?

Because. We all have our favorite scents, already. Let's stick with them.

Q: How do I apply the Worthy Face Serum?

Add 2 drops (or more) serum to hands and rub hands together to warm serum. Pat onto face, neck, chest and back of hands. Wait 2 minutes, then apply your moisturizer.


Use your Worthy Face Serum--The Skin Fixer-- morning and night after cleansing, before moisturizing.

You can also pat oil onto hair and add a dropper full into your bath water.

Feel free to apply Worthy Face Serum liberally if you are looking for even faster skin fixes.

Q: How do you keep your Worthy Face Serum price so low?


I don't advertise. At all. Most of our customers come from word-of-mouth recommendations and I am enormously grateful to be able to share this product with you so we can all have better skin. 

We have restocked our Worthy Face Serum 4 times!


It is so easy to shop for Worthy Face Serum. Just go to the website for Worthy Skin Care at and place your order through our secure center, or via paypal. Our customers like to gift bottles to friends and share the love. Remember to send us your before and after photos after you've been using your Worthy Face Serum for a few weeks. We can't wait to hear your improved Skin Stories!
If you search online AND are able to find a serum with oils, you might find that many other companies use cheap, processed  oils, like glycerin or olive oil as well as fillers/chemicals to keep the profit margin high.

You wouldn't believe how many companies add water to their products, then chemicals to thicken the water and then they add chemicals to make the product less -- wet. 

That's a waste of money-- make something wet, then add something else to make it drier.

Many companies sell these inferior serums at premium prices: as much as $70 an ounce and even higher. I've seen cheap oils for sale in pretty bottles for $150 an ounce.

No thanks.

That's a lot of money to pay for the things you DON'T want on your skin.

One manufacturer I met with told me they would not permit me to use high quality oils. They didn't think consumers care about quality.

And maybe consumers don't care about quality, but I sure do. And since this is the very same Worthy Face Serum that I use morning and night, the quality stays. 

When I met with the manufacturer in New Jersey, their top management had a lot to say about Worthy Face Serum's oils and how thick they were and they smelled good, too. 

Many other companies use  rancid/outdated oils.  Imagine how terrible they would smell. Imagine what that would be like on your skin, rancid oils.


Not here. 

Worthy Face Serum is made with the same high quality ingredients that I use for myself: organic, cold-pressed, concentrated and powerful oils I source from around the world. I want to share with you the exact quality that I use.

Let's all improve our skin stories by using Worthy Face Serum. Ready? Set. Buy now.

Thank you
to all of my customers for helping this tiny, tiny company grow.

With Gratitude,

Holly Winter Huppert
Worthy Skin Care

PS: Despite the FDA not evaluating these statements, Worthy Face Serum has restocked 7 times. 


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