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Before and After: A Skin Story

Before and after: A Skin Story with Holly Winter Huppert's amazing skin changes.


In 2017 when I was 51 years old, I snapped this BEFORE PHOTO of myself in my kindergarten special education classroom. I had a student who wouldn’t stop sobbing, so I isolated her in my classroom: maybe the quiet would quiet her?

We tried everything to calm this child, day after day.

Extra time on the playground.

“Hey, I know… let’s color with markers!”

Computer time?

Nothing worked.

She didn’t want to go home, and she didn’t want to be in school, either.

Her big emotions exhausted us, but we didn’t give up trying to find a way to calm her.

On the day that I snapped this photo, the occupational therapist suggested that we try putting a weighted vest on her; her parents agreed right away.

I tried to get that vest on her. Oh, how I tried.

She wouldn’t try the vest on, nor would she touch it. I couldn’t get her to lean against it or let me hang it on the back of her chair.


In an effort to persuade her, I tried on the vest and tightened it around my body.

The girl ignored me.

I said out loud, “I like that it is black. I like the straps. Look, I’m going to tighten it now.”

She stopped crying, crossed her arms tightly and squinted at me, as if she wasn’t paying attention.

Oh, was I getting to her? Was she curious? Interested?

I said out loud, as if to myself, “I think I like it. It feels like I am getting a big hug.”

And though I was playacting to encourage her interest, the stresses in my body diminished. I had heard about weighted blankets and how research claimed the excess weight helped regulate the stresses of the body, decrease anxiety and improve sleep.

Could this vest help my student?

The girl said that maybe she would try it, maybe tomorrow.

“Good.” I said. “Tomorrow is a great idea. Because I want to wear it today. It’s very comfortable.” I reached for my phone and snapped a photo, as a reminder to buy myself a weighted blanket when I got home.

“Now.” The girl yelled. “I want to wear it now.”

I snapped one more photo of myself and asked her if she was sure that she needed it right now, because I wanted to wear it a little longer.

Her outburst intensified.

It was easy to hide my smile as I removed the vest and tightened it around her tiny body.

She took a deep breath and touched the various straps. Then she said that she felt happy and asked if she could color with markers now.

Yes, you can.

On a normal day, I wouldn’t have taken a selfie of myself. Ever since I had that skin-damaging allergic reaction to a gluten-free protein bar, I hated my skin. That one reaction aged me by thirty years.

Not the ageing outlook I was hoping for.

In those years, I didn’t take photos of myself, for obvious reasons. I was embarrassed about the way I looked. I didn’t think my skin would heal. I thought it would only get worse as I aged.

Dermatologists offered no hope. One suggested I learn how to wear thick makeup.

So I stopped looking in the mirror and learned to wear thick makeup—doctor’s orders.

Although I was wearing a lot of makeup in this before photo, you could see acne on my chin, deep lines under and around my eyes and that my nose looked bulbous, like the nose of an old man.

Thanks suddenly-sensitive-skin and the allergy-related dose of angry rosacea.

When I moved to upstate New York in 2015, I started researching and searching for natural oils that might help my skin. Over time I found products that didn't cause my skin to flair up.

I tried combining the oils. If my skin got moody, I threw away the possibilities and renewed my search.

There had to be something that would work.

Over time, I figured out a formulation of those oils that began to heal my skin. And as a bonus, my friends found relief with the same formulation.

We dubbed it: Worthy Face Serum. It corrected so many of my skins’ issues—even my rosacea, that I was able to stop wearing makeup.


When I snapped this AFTER PICTURE in my bathroom in May, 2024, I was documenting the way my right eye drooped and how the color of my eyes had lightened since I suffered a severe case of pink eye a few months ago.

My skin was affected by the allergic reaction: notice the deep lines on the inside of my eye. Purple?

Seriously body, purple?

(Yes. That can happen.)

Only later did I notice that my skin looked pretty good in that photo.

Skin improvements are something I get excited about.

As for you….

Wherever you are on your skin journey, keep in mind that when you have a good skin care routine and good quality products, your skin can improve, too... even when your skin looks great -- by adding quality products to it, you are building up the lower layers of the dermis that helps ensure that your skin will continue looking good -- even as you age.

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Thanks for following along as I continue to improve our skin health.

Great skin is possible.

Xxoo, Love


Holly Winter Huppert

Founder Worthy Skin Care

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