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How I Prep my Skin for a Photo Shoot

A photographer in a periwinkle jacket photographs a green plush setting with a creek running through.
Dion Ogust photographed me for an article in the Hudson Valley One newspaper.

An award-winning newspaper in my area, Hudson Valley One, is writing an article about my summer in Krakow where I volunteered for Ukrainian refugees.

The journalist, Susan Farkas set up an interview and asked me powerful questions. She read all of my travel columns before we spoke and asked me to go deeper on my experiences in Poland.

I loved getting to talk about the organization I volunteered for, the amazing people I met and offering humanitarian aid to Ukrainian refugees.

At the end of the interview, she let me know that the photographer, Dion Ogust would call me to set up a photoshoot.

Oh. Right. Okay.

Here's how I prepped my skin for the photo shoot:

  1. I ate a big salad with romaine lettuce (which most resembles the cells in our body--according to my nutritionist) sweet potatoes (Hello vitamin A: hello natural retinol), sunflower seeds (Hello Lysine and Glycine--thanks for encouraging elastin and collagen production.) and other veggies.

  2. I drank three glasses of water right after dinner. It's never too late to hydrate your skin from the inside.

  3. I exfoliated with a baking soda mask. Recipe for a baking soda mask: Pour some baking soda into your hand. Add enough water to make a paste. Rub into skin on face and neck in small, round movements. Rub gently under the eyes. Rinse with warm water.

  4. I gave myself a honey facial. I've written about these healing facials before. Let me know if you'd like me to write more about honey facials or add a video.

  5. I showered at night. My skin gets red and blotchy after a shower, so I prefer to shower at night.

  6. I used my Worthy Face Serum before bed. Sometimes I use my Worthy Moisturizer before bed. (Still not sure when it will be for sale.) I decided to only use the serum so I could have the concentrated powerhouse of vitamins, antioxidants and enzymes on my skin without anything else.

  7. I meditated before bed. Reducing stress is good for the whole body, not just my skin.

  8. I went to bed early. It's true what they say, beauty sleep is the best beauty secret.

  9. I meditated when I woke up. I know. That's a lot of meditation. But I get nervous for photoshoots, and I wanted to get as close to a Zen-zone as possible before my Friday as a kindergarten teacher started.

  10. I drank 2 glasses of water.

  11. I walked my dog before breakfast. We have a one-half mile route that she loves. Most of the walk is along woods-lined roads. We see deer, rabbits and any number of other wildlife animals. The walk relaxes me and fills me with wonder--a great start to every day.

  12. I drank a healthy skin-nourishing smoothie. I will write up the recipe I used and the ingredients and how they help my skin in a separate post. (Remind me if I forget.)

  13. I drank extra water throughout the day.

  14. I drank the rest of my smoothie for lunch.

  15. Right before the shoot, I washed my face and put on Worthy Face Serum.

  16. Then in a fit of nerves I added one more layer of face serum to my trouble spots.

I wish I could say the photoshoot went well.

The photographer was amazing. Sweet. Helpful. Talented. Great to talk to. We realized before we started that she had taken my photo once before.

So I had nothing to worry about, right?

I tried the standard modeling tricks where you imagine you breathe in and out your eyes or keep your body one beat from a giggle or think of your favorite song that lights up your eyes.


Nothing worked.

I froze.

It's as if I'm co-dependent and insist on helping the camera by standing like a mannequin and holding my breath. Could it be that I have an intrinsic fear of being blurry, or do I harbor trust issues that the 1/100 speed on her camera isn't enough to still me?

The photographer said things like,


"Relax your neck."


"Turn towards me."

I haven't seen the photos yet, but I expect they will look like I put the "Too still" into a "still" photograph.

Luckily, being a model isn't my livelihood.


At least my skin looked good.

Thanks for reading. It's more fun with you here.

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