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Beach Tip for Your Skin from Worthy Skin Care

When I head to the beach for the day, I always pack two bags.

The first bag has everything I need on the beach. Towel. Hat. Sunglasses. Sunscreen. Water bottle. Snacks. Hand sanitizer. Extra toilet paper for the bathroom -- just in case.

The second bag has everything I need after the beach. Clean clothes. Wet cotton washcloths. Worthy Face Serum. Moisturizer.

Beach Tip:

I wet one cotton washcloth for each friend who is joining me on the beach, ring them out and seal them in a Ziplock bag. These cloths stay in the car -- in the bag with the things I need after the beach.

At the end of the day, I'm eager to wipe that sunscreen off my face.

The washcloths are warm from sitting in the car all day.

It's the best feeling for my friends and I to use those warm and wet cloths to wipe the salt water and the sunscreen off of our faces.

After cleaning our faces, we apply Worthy Face Serum to nourish, restore and hydrate our skin.

Yesterday I decided we needed to add another layer of hydration to our skin after many hours in the sun. My Worthy Moisturizer was the perfect addition.

I recommend this same warm washcloth treat for you and your friends on your next beach excursion.

Try it. Your friends will love you even more.

After Note: We are deciding whether to manufacture the Worthy Moisturizer. About 40% of our customers ask for it.

Please leave a comment or fill in the contact form below to let us know if you seek a natural, pure, organic, concentrated powerhouse of a moisturizer to pair with your Worthy Face Serum.

Thanks for your input!

Thanks for reading. It's more fun with you here.

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Sep 12, 2022

Great tip!


Sep 12, 2022

This is the best idea. I'm heading to the beach next week and will try it for sure. Yes, moisturizer, please.

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